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Redhead Audrey Hollander Uses a Black Dildo To Get Herself Off

Duration: 6m, 42s, Starring Audrey Hollander

(3 Votes)

Redhead nympho Audrey Hollander lays back on the sofa wearing nothing but a chain belt and sucks on a big, fat, black dildo for a while -- getting it wet enough to tease her hairless pussy with. Then she sticks it inside herself, teasing herself and moaning before quickly moving it in and out. She totally knows how to make herself hot and does it, drawing out her enjoyment and putting off her orgasm to make it even sweeter. She uses her sex toy on her pussy and even her ass, fucking both before finally cumming and licking the latex dick clean.

Slutty Tory Lane Licks Her Own Sticky Filth Off Her Fingers

Duration: 7m, 14s, Starring Tory Lane

(6 Votes)

Normally a porn babe that you would see taking the biggest cocks imaginable in her pussy and her ass, in this movie busty harlot Tory Lane masturbates solo. She looks outstanding, perfectly made up and with her large fake breasts proudly on display. She shows off both her holes, spending a lot of the movie pressed with her face on the mattress as she sticks her ass up in the air. She stimulates both her holes at the same time in this video, rubbing her clit and fingering her cunt with one hand while she sticks a couple of fingers into her ass hole as well. She repeatedly licks her fingers clean - licking the filth off both hands!

She Will Fuck Anything In The Room To Get Off

Duration: 7m, 11s, Starring Vanessa Lane

(Not Rated)

When she gets horny Vanessa Lane needs to cum and she will stop at nothing to get her orgasm. She strips naked and starts rubbing her shaved clam, but that isn't enough to take care of her needs so she gets out a dildo and pokes herself in the beaver with it. That is better, but still not enough to get her off so she breaks out a second dildo and uses this one on her tender asshole. She is close to cumming, but needs something bigger so she gets an empty whiskey bottle and uses that to finish herself off. She cums hard all over the bottle then goes back to the dildo to slow fuck herself and relax.

She Is Red Hot And Horny And Fingers Her Pussy

Duration: 4m, 15s, Starring Sarah Robers

(Not Rated)

With long hair and amazing eyes Sarah Robers is a knockout. She loves showing off her tight naked body and smooth shaved pussy. She was so horny she had to start rubbing her clit and sliding a finger into her tight biscuit. She lays down on the couch and put her finger deep in her tight fuck hole and felt how hot and horny she was getting. She was dripping wet and on the verge so she flicked her clit and rubbed hard which made her cum and sent her over the edge. After the first orgasm she broke out her vibrator and fired it was time for round two.

Her Glass Dildo Makes Her Pussy Pulse

Duration: 4m, 45s, Starring Missy Monroe

(2 Votes)

Missy Monroe thought she was going to have a guy come over and fuck her, but when he didn't show up she knew she was going to have to go to plan B which was to strip off her clothes, pull her panties aside and go to work on her pussy with her ribbed glass dildo. She was so wet she was dripping down her ass crack onto the couch as she reamed her pussy out with that toy. She licked the pussy juice off the dildo then rubbed it on her clit as she came hard then she slid it back inside herself and went back to work for orgasm number two. It wasn't a real cock, but it was the next best thing.

Fishnets Get Her Too Horny To Stop

Duration: 4m, 36s, Starring Gia Paloma

(2 Votes)

Gia Paloma loves how her fishnet stockings feel against her skin. The feel of those nylons against her legs turns her on so much she has to spread them wide open and rub her shaved pussy. She uses one hand to spread her lips open and the other to rub her clit then she slips a finger insider, gets it all wet and puts it back on her little love button. She plays with herself so much that it only takes a minute and she is cumming hard. This blond bombshell knows how to get herself off and once she starts it is a full day event.

She Rubs Her Pussy Faster Than A Flying Jet

Duration: 5m, 11s, Starring Veronica Jett

(6 Votes)

She is petite, has a tight body and perky little tits. Veronica Jett is one hot piece of ass that loves everything about sex. Today she tried her best, but just couldn't get laid so she stripped out of her little lingerie outfit, left her sexy fuck me high heels on and decided to take care of her self. She put a wet finger on her tender clit and worked it in circles then slid another finger in her tight little love pouch. It felt so good she was squirming around on the couch cumming in a matter of seconds. She sped up and rubbed harder as she went for orgasm number two. It wasn't a real man, but it was getting the job done.

Erika Kole Crams Four Fingers In Her Love Box

Duration: 4m, 38s, Starring Erika Kole

(Not Rated)

Erika Kole is going after it this time and she isn't taking NO for an answer. Her pussy still aches from the last time she made it cum but her mind needs another orgasm and physical limitations are not something she is willing to accept as an obstacle to her complete enjoyment of her day off. With as many as four fingers flying in and out of her vagina, this is one climax that has no choice but to find it's way out in a moaning, writing sticky mess all over her palm and glistening fingers. This scene is a hot fucking solo!

Steamy Cherry Brunette Babe Diddles Her Meatflaps Outdoors

Duration: 4m, 18s, Starring Naudia Nyce

(1 Vote)

I really hate seeing a whole bunch of chicks with no pussy flaps running around. Naudia Nyce breaks this trend with a healthy pussy hamburger full of yummy roast beef. She lifts her legs up high, loving how naughty she is by fucking herself in her backyard. What would happen if the neighbors saw her? There'd be a ton of trouble for sure! Naudia doesn't care, finger banging herself with wild abandon, letting that pile of roast beef pussy roam free to the tune of her fingers. Seeing her slowly lick the pussy juices off of her fingers is one of the most amazing sights in the world.

The Girl Next Door Fingers Her Wet Pussy

Duration: 4m, 50s, Starring Selena Silver

(2 Votes)

Selena Silver looks like the cute blond next door. But this cutie next door has a secret. She loves to get naked and show off her tight body. She was outside catching some sun when she decided that she was in the mood for an orgasm so she pulled off her clothes, sat down and started rubbing her pussy. She was rubbing that clit so hard you would have thought she was about to start a fire with all the friction. When she pushed on her clit her sensitive love button sent her over the edge and made her cum right there in her back yard.

She Is Hot Blond And Horny As Hell

Duration: 3m, 7s, Starring Angela Stone

(1 Vote)

Angela Stone is a sexy blond with a great ass and a fully shaved bald pussy. She loves rubbing her pussy and getting down and dirty with herself. Laying on her leather couch she loved the feel of the leather on her naked body. She slowly started rubbing her pussy and clit then built up some speed. As she rubbed harder and harder and pinched her sensitive nipples she sent herself over the edge and erupted with a powerful orgasm. She came down from the orgasm then licked the pussy juice off of her fingers, laid back and relaxed. Soon it would be time for another round.

Her Pussy Is Wet And Ready For a Rub

Duration: 2m, 32s, Starring Tianna Lynn

(2 Votes)

This hot blond, Tianna Lynn, loves rolling around on her couch naked and she loves getting watched while she fingers her pussy and gets herself off. She lays back on the couch, spreads her legs wide open and slides her fingers into her tight, wet fuck hole. She fingered herself then used another finger to press and rub her clit. As she ground her finger into that pussy and fucked herself she put herself over he edge and came so hard her pussy juice started dripping down her crotch and all over her couch. She licked the juice off her fingers to get herself ready for another run.

Brunette Sex Toy Pussy Squirter

Duration: 5m, 21s, Starring Deja Dare

(10 Votes)

Sexy brunette vixen Deja Dare is wearing thigh high PVC boots as she masturbates on the couch in this hot porn scene. She starts by teasing the camera with her tight body and shaved pussy, barely hidden by a pair of see through nylon panties. She rubs her moist vagina until it's ready for penetration, and pulls out a massive ridged glass dildo. She teases the entrance of the nasty hole, and then slips the transparent dong right up inside her inner most regions. She pumps the dildo in and out of her wet cunt faster and faster as she rubs her engorged clit, until she sprays her pussy juice all over the camera during her screaming orgasm.

Blond Hotties Rubbing Their Shaved Holes

Duration: 7m, 34s, Starring Brooke, Lauren

(Not Rated)

Busty blond goddesses Brooke and Lauren are a couple of dirty sluts that just love to pleasure their filthy vaginas! The scene opens with Brooke lying back on the couch, running her hands all over her incredible body, from her full breasts down to her heavenly pussy. She spits on her fingers and masturbates her horny clit to a quivering climax. Next you see the even bustier starlet Lauren rubbing her shaved cunt. She's got huge titties and a big fuckable ass - the perfect type of girl to fuck all night! She bends over with her ass in the air, rubbing her wet pussy and sticking two fingers up herself until she cums hard all over her hand.

Emily NeedsTo Get Off Right Now

Duration: 3m, 39s, Starring Emily Rocks

(1 Vote)

There are days like today when Emily gets so horny that she just has to cum right then or she might explode. She would rather get fucked, but if she doesn't have a guy around she has to make due. Fully naked she lays down on the bed and pressed two fingers against her clit and rubbed. As she started to warm up she slid one finger down and put it inside her pussy while she continued to rub with the other. As soon as the finger was inside her she came so hard she nearly had a seizure. She pulled her fingered out, pressed hard on the clit and came again. It wasn't a real dick, but it did the trick.

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